Nursing Reflection on Interviewing and the health History

Instructions for Self Reflection
on Interviewing and the Health History Integrated Assignment
The focus of the assignment is a reflection on the process of interviewing patients, the health history component of a complete assessment, and the application of these two aspects to your own practice in our culturally diverse world of healthcare.
The content portion should be covered in several sections:
1. The interview: Skills and techniques for conducting the interview
2. The health history: Its significance and documentation of the health history
3. Culturally competent communication: How does the nurse address culturally competent communication during a health history interview in light of special situations, such as age, ethnicity, race, and/or gender?
4. Dignity and respect: What behaviors and communication techniques promote dignity and respect? How can the nurse promote dignity and respect during the health history interview? Why should the nurse treat patients with dignity and respect?
5. Reflection: What have you learned about interviewing and the health history that can be applied to your own practice? Does what you’ve learned about interviewing and the health history align with what you currently do in your own practice? Why or why not? Is your current practice based on moral, ethical, and culturally sensitive behaviors? How do you know? Are there areas in your practice that need improvement? If so, what actions can you take to improve the moral, ethical, or culturally based aspects of your practice?……..

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