Negotiating disability and colonisation: the lived experience of Indigenous Australians with a disability

Purpose: this task is to enable you to develop a deeper understanding of the complex sociocultural factors and theoretical perspectives around disability, diversity, additional needs and inclusion which impact on the lives of children and the people who care for them.

Assessment details

Respond to the following statement:

In your essay, you are required to reference material from weeks 1 to 3 to support your understanding of the perspectives that add to understandings of additional needs.

Week 1 resources: What is inclusion?[email protected]/Lookup/4429.0Main+Features12009?OpenDocument

Negotiating disability and colonisation: the lived experience of Indigenous Australians with a disability


Disability among Indigenous Australians lies at a nexus between the ongoing impact of European settlement from 1788 and the social effects of living with a disability. Colonisation, with its political, social, economic and cultural concomitants, continues to impact on Indigenous experience, extending to the institutions and services concerned with disability. There is little attention paid to Indigenous Australian disability in general, and the need to decolonise disability has recently been emphasised. Ethnographic research in Brisbane, Australia among Indigenous people with a disability (mostly related to diabetes) confirms the ongoing impact of colonisation. While this experience pervades all aspects of their lives, it also moderates their experience of living with a disability in positive ways. However, while individuals can negotiate their personal experience of disability, the decolonisation of disability services presents challenges that need to be addressed.

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