Negotiating a Job Offer

In Negotiation Skills you have learned various skills and strategies necessary to expand the proverbial pie and maximize your share of the pie, with the objective to ensure a win-win deal for the parties involved.
Salary negotiations are very important, as you can appreciate the implications in terms of welfare, for you and your family for years to come. Consider this example – with an average annual pay increase of 5%, an employee with a starting salary of $55,000 instead of $50,000 would earn an additional $600,000+ over the course of 40-year career. Thus your ability to negotiate well in job offer can have a profound impact in your standard of living in years to come.


You have just graduated with your business degree and have just been shortlisted for an interview with a well-known accounting firm for a position of “business consultant”. You are required to find a suitable company (private or public listed) of your choice for this assignment.

You are required to:

1. Conduct comprehensive research and consider the questions and issues from Appendix 4 of main textbook under (1) “Preparation”, (2) “In vivo: during the negotiation itself”, and (3) “Post Offer: You have the offer, now what?” and prepare a report within 2000-2500 words.

2. Prepare a negotiation worksheet (next page) for the interview based on your findings and include the worksheet at the front of the report.


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