Nature and Nuture


Explore and define the terms nature and nurture, and listsix ways in which both may be intertwined in a child’s development. Include examples from your general observations of children from Birth to Grade 3 to illustrate your explanation.

Identify those theorists and educators who believe one or the other term is dominant in a child’s development Describe the influence that the theorist/educator had on the era in which they lived and if it was in line with or in contrast with the thinking of the day.

Create a Microsoft Word table or Excel spreadsheet to record your findings. Bulleted format is acceptable within the cells of the table or chart


Clear definition of nature and nurture. Created an extensive list of ways nature/nurture may be intertwined. Includes extensive list of examples from observations of Birth to Grade 3 children to illustrate explanation. Identifies theorists and educators that side with the influence of the era that the theorists/educator lived. Content is comprehensive with extensive lists on each of the required criteria of the assignment.

The work is well presented and includes all required elements. The overall appearance is neat and professional.

The writer is clearly in command of standard, written academic English


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