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Who’s Your Hero? Expository Essay Assignment


For this essay assignment, select one person or character who is important to you as you develop and grow as a human being. You may choose from these people or figures: a person who is living or dead, a literary or film character, a musical star, a film, drama, opera star, an historical figure (living or dead), a mythical figure, a spiritual figure (deity, prophet, person), a political figure.


Choose a person you know or look up to, one whom you regard as a hero. Choose a person who has been influential in your life, someone you want to know more about, that you see as motivating or changing your way of thinking. Describe the person, then explain and analyze the importance he or she has had and continues to have in your life.


I want this essay to be quite open in form so that you may choose anyone or any character who is important to you—and then write an analytical/expository essay with research about that person.


The goal here is to learn more about yourself and who is important to your present and future life.


With that in mind, choose at least one essay from The Norton Reader and then add at least two other sources to back up your thesis. You’ll have a total of at least three sources. You may include images and sub-titles as discussed in class to add to the depth of understanding in your essay. If you add images, be sure to include explanation of the image within the text. Sub-titles are meant to move your essay from one section to another; sub-titles act as transitions.


The essay is to be four to five pages (4-5) in length (1,200-1,500 words), double-spaced, with a title and Works Cited page, Times New Roman or the equiv., 12 font, MLA documentation format.




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