Dear Writer
This assignment is referred for editing. This assignment is based on linguistic. I am giving you the sample of a previous student who has already done this assignment. You have to done changes according to this example of previous student. I have already done the assignment but I need editing in my assignment which should be like the sample I have given to you. Please first of all read very carefully the sample and then work over my assignment. I am going to upload the file in the following manner
1- Assignment question
2- Structure of the assignment
3- Guidelines of the assignment
4- Data collection template
5- Task given to the participant
6- Post task interview question
7- Audio recording.
8- Finally the assignment done by me ( which needs editing)

One think I want to mention that the example I am sending is having 700 post task questions. But don’t worry the interview which I have conducted consists of just 39 questions. The major editing is required in terms of data collection and findings.
Please make sure when you are doing editing in findings you have to justify it by referring to the appendix as done in the sample of the previous student. If you have any query please ask me but it should be done very carefully. One thing more please don’t copy the assignment of the previous student but follow the instructions very carefully.

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