Kinetic family drawing

Kinetic family drawing (K-F-D) Developed by Burns and Kaufmann. (Refer to Burns, R.C. and Kaufmann, S.H. (1972). Action, styles, and symbols in Kinetic family drawings: An interpretive Manual. New York: Brunner/Mazel.)
Directives: “Draw a picture of everyone in your family DOING something together.” Make talking and thinking bubbles.
Direct child (person) to do the following:
(a) Draw the whole body (no stick figures).
(b) Have them sign and date drawing.
(c) Ask them to title drawing (Example: At the beach with my family)
(d) Ask them permission to draw on paper first when adding the bubbles. If not, use a separate paper.
(e) Clarify who everyone is in the picture and what is happening
(f) Ask who they want to have speaking/thinking first
(g) Include the animals in the talking if any (“if your dog could talk what would he/she be saying”).

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