Internal Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

Internal Marketing and Customer Relationship Management


1. 10 Powerpoint slides which should be in word file.
2. Demonstrate conceptual Insight, intext referencing 3. Discuss use of sales promotion and sale management.
4. Find out the essential s of the discussion.
5. demonstrate your understanding of education.
6. Make the link between Internal Marketing and External Customer relationship.
7. Explain what people say about Internal Marketing.
8. Talk about the Strategic Plan.
9. What kind of insight does RM need for Internal marketing.
10. Discus and say what people say about the 3 Ps.
11. Conventional Marketing steps and why this suits the company.
12. Marketing Research tools and models.
13. Introduction (100 words)
14. Each four questions carry 1000 words.
15. Conclusion ( what you think about the case study), 10 PP slides and referencing is 900 words.

Malcom Macdonals Marketing program ( Steps shown should be demonstrated in this project)


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