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Writing Assignment: The purpose of the writing assignment is to:


  1. Develop your business writing skills
  2. Develop your research and citation skills
  3. Provide you with greater exposure to the business and general media.
  4. Provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about a specific U.S. business law topic.


As indicated in the course syllabus, this writing assignment will be worth 20% of the course grade.  An original paper copy of the writing assignment is due to be submitted to the instructor no later than the start of the class session on Wednesday, April 1, 2015. Writing assignments will not be accepted after that time. You may either hand in a printed copy of the writing assignment to me in person when you arrive in class or – if you will be absent on that due date — on a date prior to that day by delivering such a printed copy to me in class or in my office in Room CK 320. (Do not drop off the paper on some desk or in my in-box: you must personally deliver the paper to me.)


Each student must show the instructor a copy of a “springboard” article you have selected, explain what your topic will be and get the instructor’s approval before you begin work on your writing assignment. The last day for approval of your topic and the “springboard” article you have chosen is Friday, February 27, 2015. [The “springboard” article is the first of a minimum of eight total articles required as sources for the paper and will be the first article you summarize when writing your paper. Each article must discuss the facts of a separate legal claim or case under your chosen topic. Although there is a minimum of eight (8) articles required as sources to be summarized in your paper, students are advised to find ten to twelve articles when doing their research to be certain they have an adequate amount of research material to discuss. The requirements for a “springboard” article are explained below.]


When doing your research, please use the Pius Library website and the staff resources available through Sarah Fancher and others – DO NOT USE GOOGLE or other search engines to find your sources; USE THE LIBRARY WEBSITE.


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