Innovation and People Management

Semester 2 Examinations 2013/ 2014

Exam Code(s) 1MIM1; 1MIP1
Exam(s) MSc Strategy, Innovation & People Management
MSc International Management

Module Code(s) MG604
Module(s) Innovation and the Learning Organisation

Paper No. 1
Repeat Paper No

External Examiner(s) Professor Frank MacDonald
Internal Examiner(s) Professor Tony Dundon
*Dr. Rachel Hilliard


Answer 5 questions. All questions will be marked equally. Use a separate answer book for each section.
2 hours
No. of Pages 2
Discipline(s) Management
Course Co-ordinator(s) Dr Rachel Hilliard (x2932)


MCQ Release to Library: Yes No
Handout None
Statistical/ Log Tables None
Cambridge Tables None
Graph Paper None
Log Graph Paper None
Other Materials None
Graphic material in colour
Yes No


Please answer TWO questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. Why are companies under pressure to move away from relying solely on internally generated innovation? What are the difficulties associated with managing these new sources of innovation?

2. What is the role of corporate culture in the innovative capacity of organisations?

3. What is the innovator’s dilemma? Why is organisational ambidexterity so difficult for companies to achieve?

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