incorporate most of the conceptstaught in ITD104.

Portfolio 2 Assignment: Online Shopping Application (10%, due Week 12, Sunday 24 January 11:59pm) Overview This is the first part of the second Portfolio-worth 10% of your final grade for ITD104.The Portfolio 2 Test is the second part of the Portfolio, and will be worth a further 15%.The Test will test you for the same skills required to complete this Assignment, under time pressure. Motivation The Internet has dramatically changed the way we conduct commerce. Online shopping is increasingly displacing traditional forms of retailing. Here you will develop an application that provides an online shopping experience, using data downloaded from the World Wide Web. The program will have a Graphical User Interface that allowsits user to choose which products they want to buy from different categories. Having done so they will then be able to create an illustrated invoice summarising their purchases, which will be opened in a standard web browser. Most importantly, the online shopping application will aggregate both archived and current data sourced from online “feeds” that are updated on a regular basis. This “capstone” assignment is designed to incorporate most of the conceptstaught in ITD104. To complete it you will need to: (a) use Tkinter to create an interactive Graphical User Interface; (b) download web documents using a Python script and use pattern matching to extract particular elements from them; and (c) generate an HTML document containing the extracted elements, presented in an attractive, easy-to-read format. Goal Your aim in this assignment is to develop an “online shopping app” which allows its users to select itemsfrom one or more online retailers to add to a “shopping cart” of purchases. There must be at least two distinct categories of items for sale. The items on offer are extracted from the product lists offered by actual online shops. One category is derived from previously- downloaded web documents, and a further one (or more) categories must be based on “live” web documents currently online. The online web documents must be ones that are updated on a regular basis. When users are happy with their selections they must be able to produce an invoice detailing their purchases and the total cost (in Australiandollars). For the purposes of this assignment you have a free choice of what products your online shopping application will offer. Your application must offer (at least) two clearly-distinct categories of item.

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