Identify the Corporate and Business Strategy for your selected company

Introduction and Conclusion (5 marks) • The Introduction outlines the purpose of the report and provides a summary of the company. • The Conclusion reflects on the analyses and states any limitations. All conclusions are logically supported by the analyses. Perform a Porter’s Five Forces Analysis (10 marks) Competitive Rivalry Focus on the industry The threat of New Entry Focus on the industry Supplier Power Focus on the industry and not Westgold. Who are the suppliers to the gold mining industry? Are there a lot of them or just a few? Who has the stronger negotiation power? Are there any switching costs? What is the bargaining power of suppliers? High? Medium? Low? Buyer Power Who are the buyers of gold? Are there lots of little buyers or a few large buyers? Can they negotiate on price (see above discussion), switching cost that buyers will have to incur if they switched gold suppliers? And then, what is the bargaining power of buyers? Low/high/medium? Threat of Substitution Focus on the industry Perform a SWOT Analysis (10 marks) Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Identify the Corporate and Business Strategy for your selected company (7 marks) • Clearly articulates the Corporate and Business Strategy of the company. • Refer to the PPT slides

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Masculinity and the modern man

The Body in History Your research essay should engage directly with the course themes; so be sure to reference the readings from the course in your essay. You can bring….

The paramedics undertook vital sign which they stated were ‘normal’ and applied a bandage to Zac’s head wound.

Zac Smyth is 18-year-old university student who lives on-campus as his parents reside in another state. Zac is studying engineering and enjoys university life. Zac has a part-time job working….