Identify and discuss barriers to Employment for Migrants and Refugees i n Australia

Essay Questions

Please choose one essay topic.


  1. Identify and critically discuss the features and core values of development theories (growth theory, modernization, neoliberal, dependency, alternatives- grassroots …) and examine their impact on developing countries, use example to illustrate your answer.


  1. Identify and critically examine the role of states in development, use examples from different countries to illustrate your points.


  1. Explain and critically discuss the NGOs’ roles, strategies, strengths and shortfalls. Identify ways to improve their accountability and transparency.


  1. Identify the causes of external debt on poor nations and critically examine the efforts that have been made to reduce the debt burden.


  1. Identify and discuss barriers to Employment for Migrants and Refugees i n Australia


The essay should be double-spaced and contain a detailed bibliography. The essay must have a cover sheet signed by the student.



  • All topics provide you with the opportunity to explore one of them in depth and communicate how well you understand the concepts and ideas involved. The essays should put forth a case or argument in a well-developed manner. You should not just rehash study guide material; rather you should present an argument or opinion supported by facts. You should aim to think through an issue, use a range of supporting evidence as appropriate, and come to your own conclusions. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions we ask. What we judge is the depth of your understanding and your ability to present a case in an articulate and convincing manner.

We place much emphasis on correct and literate presentation. The essays must be clearly organised, referencing and citation conventions must be followed (see below), and you must write in prose (not note form). Your essays should show clear evidence that you have engaged in thoughtful reading of course material and other relevant material

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