Hutchison Whampoa Limited

                  Your individual assignment two

Conduct in-depth company research


Company case study chosen: Hutchison Whampoa Limited


Question: Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages associated with international mergers and acquisition strategy explaining the role that this strategy may play in contributing to a company’s vision in becoming a truly global organisation.


Word count: 3500


Using relevant theories and company illustrations, undertake a detailed evaluation of the company’s global strategy. The report should contain the following information about the global company:

  1. An executive summary
  2. A brief history of the firm, and strategic challenges facing the firm.
  3. An evaluation of the current external environmental conditions facing the firm.
  4. A discussion of appropriate industrial conditions that affect the competitiveness of the industry.
  5. Company resource audit- identifying the company’s assets, resource and competencies.
  6. An identification of the firm’s current strategy(corporate, business unit, and global)
  7. An evaluation of whether the company is positioned effectively to exploit the company’s strengths and defend against weakness? is the current strategy sustainable?
  8. An analysis of strategic implementation, organizational structure, use of power and control, where relevant, consideration of the company’s philosophy and strategic approach to the global management of its operations.
  9. Based on your analyses, what are the most urgent issues that need attention through company’s global strategy and recommend course of action, accompanied by appropriate explanation and justification what the firm should do


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