how to implement effective project management in medium size companies / firms in UAE…This research is to present a model of improving project management capability in medium size companies in UAE.

This dissertation is for Msc. Project Management at a british university.
The programme consist of 6 modules and a dissertation. kindly look at the the following 6 modules :

1) Strategic Project Management
2)Project, Programme and Portfolio Management
3)People, Culture and Organisation
4)Planning, Execution and Control
5)Commercial and Procurement
6)Research Methods

I am pasting the two pages of incomplete proposal for dissertation that I have written by myself. This is to give you a hint about my dissertation subject area.

1) we should follow harvard referencing system for the dissertation
2) the dissertation is for project management for the companies in healthcare sector, specifically the projects for biomedical engineering that is to do maintenance and management of medical equipments at hospitals or any healthcare sector

Statement of Research Problem: for a consistent business results delivery and staying ahead of nowadays competitive universal economy, companies are addressing to project management. McKnight & CO (2010) emphasize the realization of business delivery outcome through success of projects, and in aspect this is the way how organizational success can be driven by project management strategies. The importance of project management is as a technique to master spending and boost project’s results…………

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