How Modal verbs ‘Can and Could’ used in spoken and written discourse

Campare the modal verbs ‘can and could’ used in spoken discourse, in wordsmith tool and Webcorp. Make a good research question, and keep the notes of settings, e.g. running key words with wordsmith and p value used and for webcorp, mention whether you ticked ‘one line per page only’ and this should be mentioned in the method section of the paper.

The structure of the paper should be:

1) Introduction (provide motivation for the topic, why is this a useful question to investigate and an outline of what to expect from the paper).

2) Research context ( literature review)

3) Methodology (briefly explain which corpus you are using and how can u collect ur data, and what u compared in key word analysis and why you choose a specific corpus, how you analyse concordance data and classify examples, why you choose specific frequency threshold, work with percentages or normalised figures. The method section should explain what steps you have to complete to research question. )

4) Analysis ( presents and discuses findings with tables and figures)
5) Conclusion (should reflect on how successful you analysis was, did the method give good results? Was there anything you couldn’t cover with your approach that would still be relevant.

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