how female students experience transition from high school to university in saudi arabia

this is part of the literature review. My research is about how female students experience transition from high school to university in saudi arabia. This the angle of my research. it will be a chapter in the literature review. I choose to talk about segregated universities where female are separated from male because my study is about female students in saudi arabia where universities are segregated. This will be conducted in king saud university in saudi. so please cover the following points and connect them to my topic and my context.
1- find articles in other countries about the role of gender in students transition.
2- The role of transition( which is the focus of my research) into segregated higher education.
3- explore segregated universities in other countries. find research why they have single sex education universities in china and saudi and other countries. where are these universities? which countries they are in. Do they have them in Europe? talk about it in international context. Define any concept you use and made every point clear and coherent so it connected to my research topic.

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