How do you think these trends might constrain decisions made by the managers?

Food industry mainly consists of four distinct sectors: (a) the farm service sector • Provides the producer with the inputs such as feed, fertilizer, fuel, equipment. Also provides banking, accounting, insurance, legal advice. E.g. Farm Tech Machinery, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers, Rabobank (b) the producer sector • Biological processes associated with production of food & fiber. o growers – turf, flowers, vegetables, fruit, nuts, grain and other crops o farmers – sheep, cattle, poultry, deer and other livestock o nurseries E.g. Kahawa Estate (see the link below for Australia top 30 food producers (c) the processor sector • Converting raw agriculture comedies into products we want. o Commodities processor o Food processor E.g. Arnott’s Biscuits, Bulla Dairy, Nestle, Fonterra, Coco-cola (d) the marketer sector. • Ties the product and consumer together. E.g. Coles, IGA, Red Rooster This assessment requires you to choose one company from a food industry and respond to the following 4 questions. The company can be ideally from small to large or multi-national company from any part of the world. a) Referring to the company you selected, what two external trends do managers in that company have to deal with? How do you think these trends might constrain decisions made by the managers?

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