How do you imagine the client feels about her counselor’s responses?

How do you imagine the client feels about her counselor’s responses? What are your thoughts about a counselor disclosing his or her beliefs about abortion so the client knows where the counselor stands? What are your thoughts from an ethical perspective if the counselor were to suggest a referral because of a value conflict? This would be a good case to role-play and show various ways of dealing with the client. When should a counselor seek supervision and consultation if his or her values conflict with those of the client?

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Prepare a 2-3 page max narrative discussing the content and your thoughts regarding the importance (or lack of importance) of developing such a strategy.

Exit Strategies It’s difficult to believe that after going through everything it takes to get a small business up and off the ground, often times the next steps are to….

What affirmative defenses (e.g., duress, fraud, public policy) will you present?

Leonard v. Pepsico: Cold Hard Facts   Inspired by the commercial shown in this assignment’s video, Leonard set out to obtain a Harrier Jet. Leonard explains that he is “typical….

Discuss any aspects of the course you enjoyed or would like to see improved to provide a better learning

  Supply Chain 1 – Describe and discuss three (3) concepts that you have learned in this course.  Define the concept and discuss how you demonstrated/learned the concept in course activities…..