How can the causes of child malnutrition be addressed?

1.Select regions 2 and 8 as the unit of analysis separately with ZWH and ZHA


as dependent variables and MBRREL = 3 observations only. What are the

mean ZWH and ZHA in these regions? Define new variables ZWHNEW

and ZHANEW as follows:

if (ZHA _ −2) ZHANEW = 0

if (ZHA > −2) ZHANEW = 1



if (ZWH _ −2) ZWHNEW = 0

if (ZWH > −2) ZWHNEW = 1

What percentage of children are stunted and wasted in each region?

2. What are the causes of child malnutrition? How can the causes of child malnutrition

be addressed?

3. How does maternal education correlate with child-care practices in affecting child nutritional status? Discuss critically from the existing studies in this chapter.

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