How are Iran's international relations under Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouha


The assignment task is to produce a research project proposal using qualitative
research methods. Your proposal must cover the following areas (the weightings indicated are to give you some idea of how much we expect you to cover against these different criteria):
A context or background to the topic and selected issues. This should explain what the project is about and provide a justification for your choice. Why do you want to carry out research in this topic area and why is it an important topic to look at? (10%).

2) Objectives or key research questions within the topic. These should set some parameters or boundary to your research. What are you trying to achieve or find out through your investigation? It is important to set boundaries so that your proposal has an appropriate level of focus and is viable. (15%)

3) Relevant literatures and sources of information. This should not simply be a list of sources or readings but an indication of key authors and studies in the area: you should evaluate the sources and give some justification for your topic selection. This should include critical appraisal of at least 4 relevant academic journal articles that you have read (20%)

4) Correct Referencing: Both Citation and References should be in Harvard
Format. (10%)

5) Research philosophy, Research Design and Methods you intend to use……..

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