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Your goal in this assignment is to write an analysis of two episodes or passages from the documents about the 1741 New York slave/conspiracy trials using the concepts of space and place. To do this, begin by reviewing this document. Find two episodes or passages that you think you can analyze using the concepts of space and place. You should have one episode or passage for each concept. Then: Analyze each of the passages making use of the appropriate concept. You should both do a close reading of the passage and relate the passage to some of the larger course themes, drawing on you (now extensive) knowledge of colonial society, culture and politics. Be sure to explicitly use the idea of place or space as a tool of analysis. For each passage or episode, make a brief argument for how you think applying the concept as you have defined it to this passage helped you better understand the source. Questions you might consider (though you do not need to answer all or indeed any of them): Does applying the concept to this source reveal something that is not otherwise obvious? Does it help us integrate the source into other discussions we have had in the course? In other terms: what is the value added of using this concept to think about this passage? –no need citation, just need to paraphrase the sentences and label the page number at the end of the sentences. (not too much quotations, better paraphrase them.) Well Explaining the concept of place and space historically in the first 2 paragraph.

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