Global Business Strategy

This is the final project for EMBA case study attached “attach #1 “, the guidelines for the case analysis is the attach #2 , you will find everything clearly described and you need to Follow the instructions and guideline strictly.
Also the only reference you have is the books you can download the book from the link below.
You are only allowed to use the book as reference. Utilize all chapters to elevate the quality of the case report. On the other way use the book and rephrase the sentences.
I have update the Income Statement and Balance Sheet data with the last 3 years from our university database it’s given to you in the excel sheet attached # 4. Some parts in the report will require competitive analysis, for information about Coach Inc and its competitors blease use the following link:
For analyses report. made all calculations Necessary including:
Margin Analysis
• Gross profit margin
• Operating profit margin
• Net profit margin
Profitability ratios
• Return on Assets
• Return on Equity
Liquidity Ratios
• Current ratio
• Working Capital
• Debt to assets
• Debt to equity
Activity Ratios
• Inventory turnover
• Days Inventory
• Receivables turnover
• Days Receivables
• Free Cash Flow

I need a draft report to send it to our Dr. for review, Once it’s ready please forward to me.

I am expecting A+ in this case. I’m depending on you so please do your best.

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