Fundamentals Of Business Systems Development

 BSA/375: Fundamentals Of Business Systems Development

Week 3 Apply – Systems Requirements Presentation

This week focuses on system analysis. A systems analyst can carry out the systems analysis phase with a variety of tools used to help model the system, such as flow charts, data flow diagrams, entity-relationship diagrams, and use cases. A systems analyst also needs to be skilled at gathering information on current business processes and software systems to better understand the value of the new system. The goal is to create system requirements that can be used as the basis for the architectural design of the system.

Assignment Content

  1. The board of directors has selected the student furniture project for the webstore. Now they have asked you to help them choose a method for determining the requirements.

    Prepare a 12- to 18-slide presentation to the board with detailed speaker notes. Use of multimedia and images is encouraged.

    Compare traditional, contemporary, radical, and agile methodologies for requirements gathering. Be sure to include advantages and disadvantages in your comparison.

    Recommend the methodology you think will work best for Pine Valley Furniture’s student furniture webstore.

    Explain the Level-0 data flow diagram from Figure 7-22 on p. 203.

    Cite any references according to APA guidelines.

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