Topic of my dissertation Method will be used Expected Outcomes
Strategies of smoke control system in high rise buildings


  1. Theoretic analysis
  2. Zone models
  3. Computational fluid dynamic computer software


  1. Review of current technology of smoke control system in high rise buildings;


  1. Analysis and comparison of performance

Validation of       zone models;





The above schedule is my dissertation plan and I need you to write my dissertation proposal in 1000 word by writing and using the following instruction only:-

  1. A brief introduction to the concepts surrounding modelling/statistics;
  2. Some background to subject area;
  3. The specific details of the research presented in the paper;
  4. An evaluation of the modelling/statistics presented in the paper; and
  5. The significance of the results presented in the paper in a wider context, which has led to your dissertation proposal.

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design suitable bearings to support the load for at least 5E8 cycles at 1 200 rpm using deepgroove ball bearings.

The shaft shown in Figure P11-4 was designed in Problem 10-19. For the data in row (a) of Table P11-1, and the corresponding diameter of shaft found in Problem 10-19,….

Find the minimum film thickness for a long bearing with the following data: 30-mm dia, 130 mm long, 0.0015 clearance ratio, 1 500 rpm, ISO VG 100 oil at 200°F, and supporting a load of 7 kN.

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Find the minimum film thickness for a bearing with these data: 30-mm dia, 25 mm long, 0.0015 clearance ratio, 1 500 rpm, ON = 30, ISO VG 220 oil at 200°F.

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