find a global case study which narrates the operations of e-commerce site (e.g. google play store).

A. Group Report: You are required to find a global case study which narrates the operations of e-commerce site (e.g. google play store). Get the approval from your lecturer for your selected case study. Write a report of 2000 words following the below sections with evidences: a. Introduction b. Organisation Overview c. Business Model d. Website I. Website contents II. Hardware Infrastructure III. Software IV. Security issues V. Payments/Transaction process e. Discussion/Recommendations f. Conclusion g. Individual Contribution (one page summary of each member’s tasks and deliverables) h. Reference i. Appendix B. Presentation: Working with the same group members, you will give an oral presentation. If you are absent from the class at your presentation time, you will get zero for this assessment, unless you have a medical certificate or other extenuating circumstances. Please talk to your tutor before the due date. There will be 4 speakers, 8-10 slides and an allocated 15 minutes to present. Use PowerPoint to create the presentation. Save it on a USB so you are ready to present in class. As this is a group assignment, 50% of the grade will be moderated by peer assessment. Every team member individually must assess their contribution and the contribution of other team members. Please complete Self and Peer Evaluation form (see Appendix A) and submit a copy to your lecturer on the day of presentation. Academic Learning Skills staff will give a workshop in class about Oral Presentations, which will be very helpful for this assessment. ASSESSMENT SUBMISSION: 1. Group Report This is a group activity and students are required to work with their respective group members. No individual submission will be accepted.

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