Explain two key problems associated with globalisation that management need to consider

Assessment 2: Research question

You are required to research the following question and write a response of approximately 750 to 1000 words.

The response should be sourced from the journal article indicated and at least three (3) more articles (i.e. 4 in total). Remember that you must choose scholarly articles (otherwise called ‘peer-reviewed or academic’) from the ECU Library electronic databases. Include a copy of the first page of all articles you use to develop your responses (other than the one indicated below) as an appendix to your submission. Include in-text and end text referencing in APA 6th edition style.

Globalisation focuses on the economic and assumes the social will follow obediently behind” (Mintzberg, 2010, p.10).

Explain two key problems associated with globalisation that management need to consider.

Give at least two examples of how management can achieve developmental goals while at the same time ensuring that both economic and social outcomes are met.

(Students should refer to the following journal article to answer this question and at least three other academic journal articles):

Mintzberg, H. (2010). Developing leaders? Developing countries? Oxford Leadership Journal, 1(2), 1-10.



Students must include a minimum of four (4) different, relevant references for the question (i.e. Mintzberg (2010) provided on Blackboard plus a minimum of 3 others = 4 minimum in total). Students should focus on scholarly articles (as outlined above). These sources must be acknowledged within the body of the text (in-text references) and listed at the end (end-text). Standard APA 6th edition referencing style should be used (see http://www.ecu.edu.au/centres/library-services/workshops-and-training/referencing/related-content/downloads/refguide.pdf). The School of Business Librarian has posted material on the MAN1100 Blackboard site to provide support and guidance in accessing the library databases. The textbook will also provide a sound starting point for your written responses.

Marking criteria

The marking guide used to assess this work is located later in this document. Please familiarise yourself with it to maximise the marks you will receive.


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