Estimate the development cost and the time required to complete the COVID-safeguard project.

Further Background

Refer to background information provided in Assessments 1 and 2 regarding COVID-safeguard project. Please refer to the marking guide when preparing your response to see what criteria and standards will be used to assess your work.

Assessment Item 3 Tasks

This assignment has two (2) tasks as described below:

Task 1: Agile Principles

Research on the Internet about software development projects using Agile principles and complete the following tasks for your COVID-safeguard project.

  • How will you train the team to use Agile development?
  • How will you adopt this approach in the organization?
  • Which aspects do you find frustrating or difficult to use?

Task 2: Plan and Monitor Project

Planning and monitoring project activities are important part of system development. Review all possible system functions that you identified in assignment 1 and 2, and then complete the following tasks. You are not required to explain these tasks, just draw a table for each task with some relevant information. Please note, the case study may not have complete information, so if information is not given you can make reasonable assumptions.

  • Estimate the development cost and the time required to complete the COVID-safeguard project.
  • Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) for the COVID-safeguard project.
  • Prepare a detailed work schedule.
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