Discuss the process management systems (including lean and six sigma)


Assessment 2: Group Project Report (30%)


The purpose of this assignment is to develop your capability to understand logistics and supply chain activities (including distribution, transportation, forecasting, inventory and process management including lean and six sigma). The assignment will be done in group environment. Between 5 and 6 students will form a group.  Groups will be formed from WEEK 1 to WEEK 3 (in tutorial session please). Groups will conduct the following tasks:


  1. Choose an organisation to study: You will choose a Sydney/Melbourne-based

    company or An Australian Organisation.


  1. Submit a group project report in WEEK 11 (up to 4000 words).

It is assumed that every member of the group will contribute towards the preparation of the written report.


Group Project Report (Written)

While preparing the written report of the project you may follow the following structure.




Give background information of the chosen company (marks: 10%)

  • discuss its business
  • type of products
  • major customers
  • number of employees etc. (if possible)
  • management style (if possible)
  • organisational structure (if possible)
  • financial position (if possible)
  • number and types of facilities. (if possible)


Discuss the supply chain structure of the major customer of the chosen company’s

(marks: 10%)

  • identify one major customer,
  • map its distribution chain, 
  • contract (if possible) etc.



Discuss the process management systems (including lean and six sigma)  (marks: 20%)

  • discuss the existing system,
  • suggest improvement


Discuss the distribution system of the identified major customer (transportation and

warehousing system (marks: 25%)

  • discuss the existing system,
  • suggest improvement,  and
  • use model where ever feasible (MS Excel) (optional)


Discuss forecasting and inventory management system involved (25%)

  • Current policy,
  • Exiting system,
  • Use model where ever feasible (MS Excel) (optional), and
  • Suggest improvement,


Conclusion (marks: 10%)



  • If necessary use models and methods for analysis
  • Give figures where necessary
  • Appendices can be added if additional material is considered essential.


 Note: A marking guideline is given in Appendix 2.

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