Discuss the accuracy of the model and what improvements could be made.

This term project will give you experience with research in applied mathematics. Each individual student will submit a written report on a mathematical model in which you provide a detailed explanation of the model and its contribution to the field. Show that you understand the model motivation, background, equations, assumptions, results, limitations, and usefulness. Try your best to recreate at least some of the results. If you have trouble and cannot reproduce any of the results, you must at least provide a detailed interpretation of the results provided in the paper. Provide examples of how the model could be adapted to address the limitations.


Project report:

The project must contain the following sections:

1. Abstract: summary of the content of your paper

2. Introduction (~1 page): describe the background necessary to understand the project and outline of the goals of the paper

3. Methods Section and Results Section (about 3 pages): describe the model development, equations, assumptions, and predictions (including results you are able to reproduce or including results from the original paper cited properly)

4. Conclusion (about 1 pages): Interpret the model results in terms of the physical system. Describe what new insight has been obtained using the model. Discuss the accuracy of the model and what improvements could be made. Give your opinion of the model and provide suggestions for future work

Note: You are not required to look for another source. The only source you need the Shaw Levin attachment below.

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