Develop a marketing plan for any organisation of your choice or from the sample listed inAppendix 1 (will be uploaded on CANVAS), considering marketing problems that marketersface in the post financial crisis era or currently facing COVID-19 global crisis.

Develop a marketing plan for any organisation of your choice or from the sample listed inAppendix 1 (will be uploaded on CANVAS), considering marketing problems that marketersface in the post financial crisis era or currently facing COVID-19 global crisis. The keyexpectation from this assignment is to see how marketing learners/fellows can develop anaction oriented futuristic marketing plan through critically reviewing their (company/brand)background and its current situation.More specifically, your assignment should reflect yourcritical evaluation of practical marketing issues and should include an analysis of theuploaded contents on CANVAS and marking rubric.Group Assignment Report contents and marking rubric (30 marks)Contents of ReportpoorExcellent1.1.Introduction123452.2.Background of your chosen business123453.3.Mission, Objectives and Value creation for thebusiness through this plan.123454.Value chain analysis123455.External and Internal environment analysis123456.Identify corporate and Strategic Business Unit(SBU) level planning123457. Identify target markets and competitivepositioning123458. Market competitiveness – Identify and analysecompetitive forces and develop your strategy formarket retention/capture123459. Consumer decision making process1234510. Product consolidation in the market1234511. Price competition and pricing strategies1234512. Integrated communications mix strategies1234513. Strategies for distributions1234514. Managing services1234515. Differentiation Strategies1234516. Marketing control1234517. Recommendations1234518. Conclusions1234519. Bibliography and references, appendices1234520. Clarity of written presentation12345TotalMarking Criteria Out of 100Excellent: Outstanding, extensive relevant research, extensive in-depth analysis of data,extensive use of data, very detailed and thoughtful analysis, excellent writing skills andoutstanding presentation. Outstanding effort, good teamwork evident in meeting notesGood: Research that uses a great variety and relevant sources of information, well analysedand presented, but not to the extent of outstanding. Good teamwork evident in meeting notesFair: Uses some sources of information and provides some analysis but does not provide thedetail and/or in-depth analysis required, may have problems with clear presentation andexpression. Meeting notes providedPoor: Lacks in aspects of research, analysis and presentation of thoughts. Meeting notes mayor may not be provided.Submission Guidelines:?Title page, student name, student’s no., date, unit code.?Approx 6,000 words in length excluding title page, contents, appendices, tables, graphs,charts, bibliography, etc.?Detailed list of references (must include list of all references to materials used i.e.,websites, databases, government publications, industry reports, journal articles, books).All references are to be cited consistently following APA or Harvard system only.?The report should be formatted using 12 Font and 1.5 spaces.?Professionally presented and typed.The assignment should be well structured and presented in a manner that demonstrates thestudent’s level of understanding of the unit. Fellow students should draw on principles andconcepts in this unit following the lecture notes and appropriate prescribed readings, journals,company websites, business periodicals etc., for developing the report. The report must be froma Real Marketing Firm perspective reflecting the teachings of this unit. Subheadings may beused to help differentiate and delineate the issues. It is very important that the terminologies,concepts and principles learnt in the unit be used to analyse the case.Late submissions will impose a penalty of 5 per cent of the value of assignment per day.Assignments submitted after 5 days from due date will not be marked. If the submission isdelayed for medical reasons, the period of extensions will correspond to the period of illnessas stated in the medical certificate.Note: I would like to specify that if any group member in a group not contributing to the grouptask satisfactorily, please make a statement on your assignment cover page that “we haveagreed to assess this group assignment individually based on individual contribution.” Alsoindicate that who was assigned to do which section of the assignment. Please follow theprinciple as stated in the learning outcome – ‘work collaboratively as part of a team, negotiate,and resolve conflict.’Appendix 1Group may select one of the followinginterested BRANDS to develop their Marketing Plan.OR AnyBRAND of your choice or even a hypothetical business.Wesfarmers Limited, Telstra Corp, David Jones, BHP Group Limited, Myer, BIGW, Apple,Sony, LG, Samsung, IPhone, Toyota, BMW, Louis Vuitton, Cadburys, Kellogg’s, Adidas, Nike, (a hypothetical company) etc.

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