Determine a simple budget for the division.

1.Do some double-entry accounting of the money you began the week with and how you spent your funds. Was your spending what you anticipated?

2.On your next clinical rotation, observe the pattern of staff, the use of drugs and equipment, and anything that is unusual. Determine a simple budget for the division. Use categories for salaries, drugs and equipment, and housekeeping expenses. Then observe to discover if there will be a deviation from your plan. For instance, observe if extra patients are admitted, if a disaster occurs, or if too few staff requires the use of nurses from an internal float pool or an outside staffing agency.

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set up and solve a case-study example of the light-intensity distribution in a photochemical reactor.

Photochemical reactor modeling: a case-study problem. Although radiation is important in heat transfer, an analogous model can be used in the design of photochemical reactors. The modeling of these reactors….

Write a critique on this technique of secondary-emission measurement.

Secondary-emission measurement: a case-study problem. An indirect way of measuring of secondary emission from ponds or large bodies of water used in waste treatment is to measure the concentration and….

set up a mass transfer model and evaluate the variation of the local mass transfer coefficient at various locations in the plate.

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on an inclined susceptor: a case-study problem. An important application of convective mass transfer theory is in CVD processes employed to coat surfaces with thin films….