Details PHP pages for Non-Relational database

List/Details PHP pages for Non-RelationalDatabase – 10%Based on the mySQL database you developed for assignment 1 (database I have provided), write PHPpages (based on the procedures shown and examples provided in class) that will do the following:• List news/updates info, newest at the top to oldest, in a single positioned div on anindex.php page. List all of the news item info here and style it as necessary.• List selected portions of the ‘about us/the team’ info in a different div on the sameindex.php page; use, for example, a list of the first and last name and the position ofeach person (alphabetically by last name), with a ‘more’ link to a detail page thatshows all of the information for one person, laid out in multiple div containers. Besure to provide a menu item or link back to the index.php page from this detail page.• Allow searching of the portfolio information by category (web, graphics, print, etc),displayed as a list of relevant portfolio items on a ‘search results’ page. The searchcan be a standard search box, but also can be a drop down menu or other workableform item.• From the index page, provide a menu item or link to another PHP page that displaysa list of (working) links to external sites that represent partners, client work, resource/tutorial sites, etc. Hint: Use ‘target=_blank’ in your link code to force the external siteto open in a new tab/window.Other static content and styling can be developed, but it only needs to be minimal for this assignment. If you are not integrating this scripting into an existing site (client site or portfolio), provide a CSS stylesheet for positioning and some minimal styling of the visible content; don’t design and create a full layout but produce a clean, professional looking layout for each page.SubmissionPlease submit a properly (lastname_firstname_section) labeled ZIPPED FILE (NO other file types will beaccepted). Please submit all web files, assets and a single SQL file. Assignment due date…

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