describe the relationship(s) that is/are displayed in the graph below.

1) Please describethe relationship(s) that is/are displayed in the graph below. 2) Then, EXPLAINthe REASONS for the relationship between two curves. It is with respect to 2) that the points for this assignment will be assigned.

The assignment rubric:

10/10 points will be assigned to a “spot on” response, i.e. one that is detailed yet succinct, well written, spelling and grammar are correct (important for whatever you write), and including appropriate examples

9-8/10 points will be assigned to a “solid” response that lacks some amount of necessary detail, spelling and grammar are correct, could be better of more fully exemplified

7/10 points will be assigned to an “average” response that is lacking detail, spelling and grammar are a bit wonky, and includes too few relevant examples

6/10 points will be assigned to a largely “off-topic” response (i.e. you “missed the boat”), does not meet college-level spelling and grammar expectations (as in English 1), and lacks relevant examples

5/10or lesspoints will be assigned to any response that does not meet the minimum requirements for the 6/10-point award criteria


1 page writing prompt. no outside sources needed.

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