Describe the pathophysiology that could account for Andy’s infection and seizure.

Recall 8-year-old Andy with meningitis at the beginning of the chapter. Andy has a cochlear implant that increases his risk for development of meningitis. During the first clays of Andy’s hospital stay, he is irritable and resists moving because his head and neck hurt. Pain medication is provided to increase his comfort. His IV fluids are carefully managed for the first few days until it s known that the syndrome of antidiuretic hormone will not develop. Although he remains responsive during the initial days in the hospital, he naps a lot. On day 2, Andy has a generalized seizure that is effectively treated with lorazepam. Since Andy may have developed a seizure disorder due to meningitis,,seizure precautions are initiated. As the infection begins to resolve Andy begins felling  better and seeks opportunities for diversion


1.       Describe the pathophysiology that could account for Andy’s infection and seizure.

2.        ldentify age-appropriate diversions for Andy during his- hospital stay

3.       Describe the neurologic nursing assessments that should be performed on Andy at regular intervals during is initial days in the hospital.

4.       Develop a nursing care plan for Andy that takes into account his treatment, pain, and lethargy. Be sure to address hydration, seizure precautions, and family education.

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