Describe the normal speech patterns of a 5-year-old. How are Kate’s patterns likely to differ?



Recall Kate, who was described in the opening scenario. She was deaf and had a cochlear implant at 2 years of age She is now 5 years of age. She hears sounds, is working to integrate sounds with meaning and attends speech therapy each week Kate is for funate that she has two parents who are able to attend speech therapy with her and reinforce learning at home. They are concerned about finding the best kindergarten for her to attend next year


1. Describe the normal speech patterns of a 5-year-old. How are Kate’s patterns likely to differ?

2. Refer back to the Denver II Developmental Screening Test described in Chapter 7 . Are there any items for the 5-year-old that might be difficult for Kate? If so, which ones?

3.Which immunization is especially important for Kate to receive in order to prevent a risk of meningitis with her cochlear implant? How will you counsel parents about this and help them find a resource for immunizations?

4. Provide a list of questions that Kate’s parents can ask as they visit and evaluate kindergartens. What characteristics will be especially important for them to consider?

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