Describe the important nursing assessments for Lucas fol lowing morphine administration?

Recall Lucas, the 14-year-old at the beginning of the chapter who is to have orthopedic surgery for a slipped capital femoral epiphysis (see Chapter 29 ). He will go home the same day of surgery. Lucas  received a dose of IV morphine in the postanesthesia unit at 10 a.m. He has an order for a repeat dose at 2 p.m., prior to discharge. He will be sent home with acetaminophen with codeine for pain every 3 to 4 hours.

1. What are the most appropriate pain assessment tools for See Lucas to use to report his level of pain to the nurse?

2. What complementary pain therapies are of value for Lucas’s condition and age?


3. Lucas weighs 52 kg. What is the appropriate dose of morphine for Lucas and the calculated volume (concentration of 2 mg per mL) to be administered?

4 Describe the important nursing assessments for Lucas fol lowing morphine administration?

5.       Develop a teaching plan for Lucas’s home pain manage- ment and expected medication side effects.?

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Explain the standards of pediatric nursing care as they relate to caring for many and his family

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