demonstrate your understanding of the theories and their practical implications

The investment bank your group works for has been hired by the Board of Directors of the company assigned to your group to perform analyses of the company’s capital structure and to provide advice on whether the current capital structure is optimal. Since your group will report directly to the Board of Directors, you can assume Financial Management level knowledge of finance. Your group’s assigned task is to produce a report on the capital structure of the company allocated to your group. In the report, you should analyse the capital structure of the assigned company following the guidelines provided below. In your report, you must apply the theories and concepts discussed in class to the facts of the firm assigned to your group. The report should demonstrate your understanding of the theories and their practical implications

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Compare and contrast the different types of conditioned motivating operations (CMO’s).

Name and briefly discuss the two types of effects that accompany the term motivating operation (MO). Define and discuss the similarities and differences between unconditioned motivating operations (UMO’s) and conditioned….

analyze mr.akkad’s strange behaviour

Mr. Akkad is a 76 year old Iranian male who is brought to your office by his eldest son for “strange behavior.” Mr. Akkad was seen by his family physician….

Describe the key strategies that Jeff Bezos employed to grow the company during the past 23 years.

Essay on: In July of 1994, Jeff Bezos launched, initially as an online book retailer. In 2016, the company reported $136 billion in revenues. Your research assignment is to….