Critically analyse the utility and potential negative consequences of socialisation and behaviour modification techniques. How ethical is it for the transformational manager to utilise these techniques?

Completing the assignment
The following pointers will help you develop and complete your assignment:
A high-level of critical analysis i.e. a greater depth of understanding of the subject, is required for MBA than at undergraduate level.
It is expected that you will draw on the wider academic literature and apply this via examples to your own organisation.
The question asks you to differentiate between socialisation and behaviour modification therefore, for example, you might examine:
– at what stage(s) when employing staff you would utilise these techniques
– who you would apply them to
– what the key differences between these two techniques are
– what the aims/goals of using them are
– how, in detail, you would apply them
– how you would provide evidence for success
– the potential downsides of using these along with any evidence
– whether the use of these techniques is ethical.
All sources should be referenced as per instruction in the Introduction to this module.
The key to a good assignment is planning – if you plan your assignment appropriately, the execution becomes relatively straightforward.
The first stage of planning is deciding what the question is actually asking you to do. The accompanying notes should enable you to understand exactly what is required, making sure that you answer all parts of the question.
Once you have planned out the different elements of the assignment, review the relevant academic literature – simply rehashing the course material or Buchanan and Huczynski is not enough at this level.
The essay should have a strong narrative thread with clear exposition of the academic literature, with clear examples to illustrate your points.
You are strongly advised to read the MBA Standard Rubric that refers to these key points:
Understanding, theory and practice
Reading, scholarship
Evaluation and analysis
Critical thought and complexity
Conclusions and originality
Written expression
Structure and presentation
Length (4,000 words).
Ensure all of these elements are covered in your assignment

Core Text is Buchanan, D. A. and Huczynski, A.A. (2017) Organizational Behaviour. 9th edition. Pearson., which can be accessed on the link below.


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