Create a simple (non-GUI) application that makes use of JDBCBean.

1.Re-write AdderServlet (and its associated HTML page) from Chapter 8 so that a


JSP is used instead of the servlet. Create an error page that displays a

meaningful error message if non-numeric data is entered and allows the user to

re-enter the values. 2. (i) If you are using the Finances database, then you need take no action here. If you are using the Sales database, however, you will need to re-code (and

re-compile) so that the bean is accessing the Stock table from

the Sales database.

(ii) Create a simple (non-GUI) application that makes use of JDBCBean.

Your program should simply display the query results retrieved by the bean.

Note that, since the bean 'throws' ClassNotFoundException and

SQLException, your code will have to catch (or throw) these exceptions

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