create a design document for the desktop part of the application.

In your job you are to build the Maryland State Police Vehicle of Interest user interface, your first assignment will be to create a design document for the desktop part of the application. This will be used by users at the headquarters. Make sure to review the Vehicles of InterestIntroduction and requirements document that outlines the major features of the application
Vehicles of InterestBackground information.
You are employed in the Information Technology department of the Maryland State Police. Your department is working on modernizing law enforcement duties.
You have been assigned to a project called Vehicles of Interest (VOI). There are many reasons that law enforcement might be interested in identifying a Maryland registered vehicle. Some of the reasons are:
·Silver Alert – vehicle is associated to a missing elderly person.
·Amber Alert – vehicle is associated to a missing child.
·Stolen – vehicle has been report stolen.
·Arrest Warrant – the owner of the vehicle has an active arrest warrant.
After the program is deployed there might be additional reasons that need to be added.
Group of users.
There are three general groups of users that all have special user interface needs.
·Headquarters – User’s at the police headquarters receive all information about what vehicles are of interest to the police department. They will need to perform all functions of the system. They are centrally located at the headquarters and would like a desktop application.
·Police Departments from other States – Sometimes policedepartments from other states want to check (ie read-only) the vehicle list. This often happens after they arrest someone. This will be from their police station, which could be anywhere in the United States. They would like a web interface.
·Maryland State Troopers – Maryland State Troopers need access (ie read-only) to the list during traffic stops. They would like a mobile interface.
High Level Requirements:
Here is a list of high level requirements for this project.
·The system shall track the reason for interest. This will start withvalues and descripts shown in the table above (Silver Alert, Amber Alert, etc). Headquarters can add, edit anddelete this reason. For reason for interest, it contains data for the reason and a description of the reason.
·The system shall track the vehicles of interest. Headquarters can add, edit and delete from this list. Police Departments from other States and Maryland State Troopers can read the list. For vehicle of interest, it contains data for license plate number, make, model, color, year manufactured, owners name and owners’ phone. Sometimes we don’t know the year, color and owner’s information; so, they areoptional fields.
·The Headquarters users also have to keep up-to-date the list of vehicle makes and model.
·You should not build any type of login screen(s) or implement roles. You can assume that will be done by another developer once you have finished

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