Continuous Improvement Program

Assessment  – Project

Under the “Continuous Improvement Program” Warwick institute is going to undertake two projects.

Project A- Green@ WIA to implement a wide range of processes and products to reduce the environmental impact of its facilities and operations, from building new, environmentally sustainable structures to improving the energy efficiency.

Project B- Safety@ WIA to provide the campus community with the structures, system and support to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all at the campus to achieve an environment that minimises risk and has safety

Now as a Program Manager you need to develop:

  1. A requirement specification document for a QMS according to ISO 9001 standards

The document should include:


Normative reference

Terms and definitions

Quality management system

General requirements

Documentation requirements

Management responsibility

Management commitment

Customer focus

Quality policy


Responsibility, authority and communication

Management review

Resource management

Provision of resources

Human resources


Work environment

Product realisation

Planning of product realisation

Customer-related processes

Design and/or development


Production and service operations

Control of measuring and monitoring devices

Measurement, analysis and improvement



Monitoring and measurement

Control of non-conforming product

Analysis of data


  1. A QMS (Quality Management System) for the Program based on ISO 9000 quality management principles which include:

o Customer focus

o Leadership

o Involving people

o Process approach

o Systems approach

o Continual improvement

o Factual decision making

o Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

  1. An audit and review process to improve the QMS


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