code a java program that accepts the ingredients for a recipe in cups and converts to ounces.

Hi, I have to code a java program that accepts the ingredients for a recipe in cups and converts to ounces.I started off coding but I got stuck. I need to know if I'm on the right track or not. import java.util.Scanner;public class Chp4_Project       {public static void main(String[] args){Scanner input = new Scanner(;System.out.print(“Enter the first ingredient: “);String ingred1 = input.nextLine(); System.out.print(“Enter the second ingredient: “);String ingred2 = input.nextLine(); System.out.print(“Enter the third ingredient: “); String ingred3 = input.nextLine(); Our input is to name three ingredients and the number of cups for each.  And then the output should have two lines of : 1. The names of the ingredients in the following format. The items inside <> are variables. The recipe uses , , and 2. The total volume of all three ingredients in ounces in the following format. The item inside <> is a variable. The total amount of the recipe in ounces is I really want to understand and get this without seeming like I'm only looking for the answers.

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