clothing and body adornments during 15th, 16th and 17 century

1. Build up a good research and produce a detailed research book on these eras:
o Ancient civilisation
o Middle age era
o Renaissance
o Baroque
o Rococo

2. Using your handout and one other resource (Internet, clothing, interview) collect examples of clothing from that era.
3. Write on key costumes of that era and what you found most interesting about your research.
4. Produce a handbook of one items of apparel that describe details of the pieces based on each period covered in class from renaissance , baroque and rococo years. The description of the pieces must be compared and contrast. Students will identify costume silhouettes and time periods.

5. For each costume period, state garment names of everything each wears and describing the shape (cut) and decoration of garments and accessories. Terminology follows that in the text which you will define and use costume vocabulary.

6. Relate various modes of dress to the modern clothing today –both in our time and in historical periods.

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