Challenges and Opportunities Alibaba Corporation’s facing during recent growth and expansion

Please help me to do two parts, first part is Findings, Analysis and Discussion, second part is Conclusion and Recommendations. First part need around 2300 words, second part needs around 1000 words. And all references need from academic journal.

In the first part please include: Introduction, The Sample, Opportunity Identification, Challenges Identification,and this part please link with my Literature Review.

In the second part please include:Introduction,Conclusion,Limitations and Recommendation for Future Research.

I will upload interview questions later, however, I just finish one interviewer answer translation. This is because I was aimed to interview 10 managers in Alibaba company, however most of these managers are not able to make skype with me. So, my interview failed hard. Could you please make up some answers based on what I have upload and some news? I need keep tell people my dissertation have interview 10 managers in Alibaba Group, because I don’t have to mention their names, is just like interviewer A, B and C. I will keep translate new answers tomorrow, keep in touch.

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