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Digital Literacy and Online Safety- how does digital technology affect the learning and teaching process?

b Produce a web publication that introduces the visitor to the topic of education and new technologies.

b Choose a particular angle, or technology- PiXL Times Table app.

b Treat the site as an electronic essay, using academic sources and research.


As part of the wiki I am creating, there must be a page on Digital Literacy and Online Safety. The wiki is called ‘impact of PiXL Times Table on teaching and learning at Key Stage 2 (UK).

Please look at the PPT’s to get more of a hint of what to do – Assignment Information PPT. The app that you need to be discussing about is PiXL Times Table app – it is a free app available on android and IOS.

There are 2 examples (one….

Choose a historical disruptive technology that interests you.

I would prefer that you choose a technology that you haven’t already presented. In other words, choose a topic different from your first presentation. Part 1 Make a case for the technology’s disruptive qualities and place the technology in the context of our class discussion and the definition we’ve constructed around disruptive technology. Part 2 History. Provides the historical context i.e. explains the time period, the major players involved, what led to the invention, and how it came to fruition? Part 3 Impact (cultural impact and the changes that occurred as a result of the tech) Part 4 Innovations that followed on or were built from the disruptive tech and their impact on culture and connection to the original. Part 5 Continued/lasting impact (to what extent is the….

emergence of artificial intelligence with an emphasis on technological singularity and post singularity.

APA Format: Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References. Typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″) with 1″ margins on all sides 12 pt. Times New Roman font. At least 10 – 15 pages. Four multimedia components such as: Pictures, timelines, graphs, charts, videos, and sound bites

I. Intro

a) Introduce what to expect in this essay

b) Provide an overview of artificial intelligence and how it came to be

c) Briefly touch on technological and post singularity

d) Mention the importance of artificial intelligence

II. Technological Singularity & its impacts

a) Introduce Technological Singularity and its discovery

b) Explain importance of technological singularity

c) Analyze the purpose and effects on technological singularity

d) Explain the possible future of technological singularity

III. Post Singularity & its impacts


Thesis statement is impact of technology.

I need a total of three artist works to analyze. The artists I have are Joseph Wright of Derby, Experiment on a bird in the air pump. The other is Nam June Paik, you can pick any of his digital works of art postmodernism. What I also need is a third artist which ties these two to a contemporary connection. I can send further information and files as needed. But I need this completed by this Friday before 5pm pacific time.


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review and analyze the business and IT operations of the call center


Technology Management Plan


You have been selected to be the acting CIO for a subsidiary of Largo Corporation called Rustic Americana.  Its primary products include arts and crafts that reflect the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States. It specializes in direct marketing and sales through its call center. Sales are through a web store, a brick and mortar store, and a direct mail catalogue.  All services are housed under one roof that include warehousing, order fulfillment, shipping, corporate management and operations, and the call center. The success of the company hinges on its eye-catching direct mail catalogue and the unique product line.

Unfortunately, annual sales have declined over the years due largely due to internal issues. The previous CIO was terminated some….

strategy you would use to explain the concepts of server virtualization to senior management so that they understand the concepts and can form an opinion on the solution

Imagine you are a senior systems administrator who has been tasked with considering whether or not to implement server virtualization into your organization’s computing operations of multiple sites with a server count of more than 400.

Specify the most significant advantages and disadvantages that could be realized by the organization in adopting a server virtualization infrastructure. Prepare a plan for implementing Hyper-V (or an alternate solution, such as VMware) as a solution for your organization. Provide a rationale for the plan decisions. Determine the strategy you would use to explain the concepts of server virtualization to senior management so that they understand the concepts and can form an opinion on the solution. Provide a rationale for using your chosen strategy. Based on your plan for implementation and the….