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Psychology of Sport

From a critical perspective, analyse and evaluate the specified video in terms of its content and the topics we have covered from week five of the module onwards Watch the video from the link below and analyse.

Identify aspects/elements of the video which have featured in the module from week 5 onwards… (Pick 2 Or A Maximum Of 3 Of The Topics). What is going on in terms of thoughts, feelings, behaviours etc Consider them in terms of the context/situation of the video Also consider them more broadly in terms of coaching and sports Be critical in your thinking: bring research together, consider methodologies in research cited, making statements about their findings and what that means This video is NOT specifically about your sports coaching! But you….

Sociology of Sport Critical Analysis – A critical examination of one current affairs article concerning sports

Part 1: A critical examination of one peer reviewed journal article from a list that will be provided.

Part 2: A critical examination of one current affairs article concerning sports. The article must be from a Canadian or international newspaper and must be at least 250 words long. The article must have been published after January 1, 2017 (i.e. since the start of term) and be from a newspaper or magazine. Articles from a website, blog, or TV website (e.g. CBC, TSN, etc.) are not permitted. Online versions of a newspaper or magazine article are acceptable. Attach a copy of this article to the assignment. For each part, you should answer the following questions: What argument(s) is/are the article making? What perspective is the article arguing from? How….

Sport and recreation Facilities Management 2017


Tutorial Exercise – Week 4

 Open Space


Unley City Council plans on charging personal trainers for use of public land.

Unley City Council is proposing to charge personal trainers who use public land for economic gain (i.e., charging clients and using public facilities).

Get together in groups of 3-5 and read the document provided –  “Commercial Use of Community Land – Draft Policy”  and the media article “Councils crackdown on personal trainers”


Answer the following questions:

1 – What type of funding model does this represent? Why do you think the Council is considering implementing this policy?

2 – What are the positives and the negatives of implementing such an approach? (HINT – Consider the benefits that Open Space is supposed to provide. Also….

What it is like to play rugby

. The easy must provide an Imagination space or an image for the reader to think about. Try to use the sense to write, for example, how does it feel, smell when standing on the pitch; what can you see; how does it like to be in a scrum and lineout; how to make or take a tackle; what’s the relationship with your teammates etc. Basic structure required: Introduction, main body and conclusion.


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Should school-aged children be allowed to participate in high-impact sports after they have experienced a concussion?

What’s Your Opinion?” Please respond to the following questions:

 Should school-aged children be allowed to participate in high-impact sports after they have experienced a concussion?

 Who should make the decision to participate? Consider the primary care provider (FNP) role, the role of specialists, as well as the role of coaches, parents, and the child.

 Using your best compilation of current evidence-based research, address your response to the above questions.

 Respond to at least two other student’s posting with salient discussion and feedback.

 In order to participate fully in this discussion, you will need to investigate and determine diagnostic criteria for post-concussion syndrome and its sequelae. Don’t be afraid to disagree; this is a controversial subject!

 Please support your “opinion” with current literature.


outline of sport development within the UK.: the role of sport development, its associated agencies and the impacts of recent/current initiatives.

Methods of assessment 3000 word essay analysing the role of sport development, the polices associated with such and the impact of sporting initiatives relating to participation, communities or elite pathways. . (LOs 1,2) (60%)


20 min + 5 min questions presentation exploring the process of setting up a sport development scheme and identifying potential barriers. (LOs 3,4) (40%)



Provide an outline of sport development within the UK. Through this, you should  analyse sport policy process’ and its implementation of a variety of development strategies to improve government concerns relating to societal aspects, health and wellbeing or sporting pathways. Provide an overview of the visions of three key sporting development agencies such as Sport England, UK Sport, NGBs (FA, LTA, ASA), Sport Coach UK, South….