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Assume you are evaluating your assigned weight loss program for a person trying to lose weight with has 50lbs to lose.

So in your analysis– you have to determine if the diet would harm this person’s health over the time needed to lose the weight. Typically—expect a loss of 1-3 lbs/week. It is relatively easy to lose 3-10lbs during the first two weeks of most weight loss programs. The loss is mostly water. Required seven (7) sections for the report—each is to be answered SEPARATELY 1. Provide background information on the diet. Is there a specific problem or problems that this diet is designed to correct or improve? What can a person who follows this diet expect to achieve? Is the diet for short term use or a ‘blue print’ for living a long, healthy life? [CITATIONS REQUIRED for this section.] 2. Are there any claims that the diet….

Childhood Obesity: There are many ways that childhood obesity can be prevented by receiving proper nutrition, physical activity, with help from parents and the community.”

• APA title page

• An introductory paragraph

• Three to four main body paragraphs that include topic sentences and transitional sentences • A conclusion paragraph

• At least one direct quotation of fewer than 30 words

• At least one paraphrased source

• In-text citations

• APA reference page at the end of the paper including at least two sources Source #1 Author(s) names: Thompson, Amy E, MD Article title:  Date written or published: Aug 25, 2015 Journal or publication title: JAMA: The Journal of American Medical Association, Chicago Issue number and/or volume number (if provided): 8 Database name: ProQuest Central URL (web address) or doi number: Source #2 Author(s) names: McHugh, Bronwyn Article title: The Childhood Obesity Epidemic Date written or published: Winter 2016 Journal….

Critically discuss the studies investigating pre and probiotics in people with inflammatory bowel disease'

Literature Review critically evaluating studies, for example what methods were used (are these good method & what are the limitations of the methods used), on a simple level how many participants/ patients were in the study – if it was only 4 this is a limitation however if there were a large number of patients this would be a strength of the study. When writing the assignment limit the amount of background/ basic text book information, this would use up some of the word limit available to you. Focus your assignment on presenting the studies relevant to the title. For the references must to be from articles. please see the two attached for more important information and for the reference style. thank you,


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What are the nutritional requirements of a person with cancer cachexia?

Metabolism in cancer patients 1. Describe cancer cachexia (including causes and symptoms). What are the nutritional requirements of a person with cancer cachexia? What suggestions could you make to a patient with this syndrome to help this patient nutritionally? (talk about EPA) 2. How is carbohydrate, lipid, and protein metabolism altered in cancer patients? Is energy expenditure affected as well? If so, how?