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The owners of MovieFlix realize that they need to modernize their information management systems in order to make their processes run more smoothly and to solve some of their business problems.

• In 2-3 pages, discuss a technology system that you suggest for the company. o Include why you selected that particular database or information system and how it will help improve MovieFlix’s processes. o Discuss the potential costs of the system to the organization and how the system will help the company to increase their revenue. • Remember to use credible sources. Make sure to write your paper utilizing proper APA formatting guidelines, and to include an APA formatted title page. Use NoodleBib to document your sources and to complete your APA formatted reference page and in-text citations

michael collins movie essay

possible titles: a, the evaluation of the importance of the 1916 Easter Rising within the film b the depiction of the personalities of the two main characters c Examples of the different attitudes of the Irish towards fighting for independence within the film d the probles relating to the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty as represented in the film

Describe/define the six sets of conventions used to define and classify film genres.


2.The authors claim that The Western is an ideal way to teach about the conventions found in genres.

3.Study their explanation and examples to be sure you “get it”.

4.Now, explain and apply the six conventions to Film Noir…in other words discuss things like settings, character types, themes, etc. (the 6 conventions) that are common to the films classified as Film Noir.


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The empire reformed by Owen Stanwood

– In the first section/paragraph, you should think about questions like: What is the thesis or core argument? What is the message the author tries to convey to the reader? What does he hope to achieve by publishing the book? Is he writing the book from a particular angle or bias?

– The second section/paragraph should contain a brief summary of the book. What is its basic story? What do the chapters cover? How does it progress, and how does it conclude?

– The third section/paragraph should analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the book. What does the book reveal to us about the founding generation of the United States? What does the book tell you about manipulations of the historical record for political or other purposes? Where….

Pick a film! Your movie should be (or at least claim to be) based on historical events and set during the period up to the end of the middle ages

. . Write about it. You should write 500 to 800 words, including the following information: ◦ The title, director and date of the film. ◦ The historical event it is based on. ◦ What is the story of the film? How does it vary from the history it’s based on? ◦ Why do you think the writer or director made these changes? ◦ Are there any ways in which the film accurately portrays history? ◦ What do you think the film says about how modern people see this historical period? the summary of the film is the least important part of the assignment. We can look that stuff up for ourselves. Include it, but keep it brief. Your analysis and discussion should be the most significant part….

pick out a single image/moment of sexuality or violence from a film or TV that had a memorable impact on you before age of 12

. In your essay, discuss that image and the effect it had on you at the time and continues to have on you today. This could be an image from a movie, television show, etc. – but not something you saw in person (i.e. a car crash). Please do not consider images from 9/11 or other ‘rel-life’ events – although these may have been traumatic (obviously), I’d rather you focus on a fictional work.

Some of the things you might discuss include: – describing the image (as you remember it) in detail. – discussing the personal context in which you saw the image, were you watching the whole film? Were your parents or another older person with you? Was this something ‘forbidden’ that you were looking at without….

Charles Musser’s Why Did Negroes Love Al Jolson and The Jazz Singer?: Melodrama, Blackface and Cosmopolitan Theatrical Culture


Charles Musser’s Why Did Negroes Love Al Jolson and The Jazz Singer?: Melodrama, Blackface and Cosmopolitan Theatrical Culture

Conrad Taeuber’s Some Population Trends of the 1960’s

Peter N. Chumo II’s Dance, Flexibility, and the Renewal of Genre in “Singin’ in the Rain”

Homework: Response should be between 2-3 paragraphs. Make sure you are proving you have engaged with the resource content and understand it to the best of your abilities. What did you learn from the content and or reading?

Analyze how characters in musicals are actively speaking on the inequality within a given society. Begin with the use of blackface within the early years of the genre. Explain how this weeks screenings reflected on the hardships and disadvantages of being a minority and/or lower….