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Summarize the status of these groups as explained in the readings.

The required readings are:

Monishipouri, Human Rights in the Middle East, Part II, chapter 6 Chase, Routledge Handbook, Part I, chapter 8

After reading those chapter,


Themes, Questions and Independent Research

Summarize the main themes of the readings to which you have been assigned. Are the readings similar or different in the way that they explain the human rights of minority groups in the Iran? Do you find the approach that the readings adopt to this issue convincing or not? Explain. Choose two “minority” groups identified in the readings. Then,

(1)  Summarize the status of these groups as explained in the readings.

(2)  Undertake relevant research on the World Wide Web. In light of your research, provide a concise summary of the current situation of these groups.

Please keep this in mind for….

write about two of these stories that either (a) share a theme, which means that both stories essentially make the same point in their own ways or (b) share a topic, but have differing themes, which means they make different points about the same topic. 

In this journal entry, respond to the assignment/questions listed below. Your response should be cohesive (in paragraph form, not as a list). Use academic writing conventions, and proofread before submitting. For journal entries, always copy and paste text into the journal entry (do not attach files; do not write in the comments box). Don’t consult any outside sources. If you’d like to quote an article, be sure to include an MLA-style citation. All quotes should be in quotation marks (see MLA Help in Resources area for advice on this).

Your journal entry should be a cohesive 400-450-word entry.

Clicking on the assignment name above should open the submission screen, please follow the directions listed there to submit your assignment.


Think about all of the stories we’ve read….

How do you define privacy?

1. Does a person in need of an organ transplant have a moral right to obtain that transplant, supposing the availability of the needed organ?

How should we choose who gets a transplant, supposing that there are not enough organs for all who need them?

2. How do you define privacy?

Do you believe privacy is a moral right? Why or why not? Are there any cases in which public health policy justifies the violation of the right to privacy?

**These are 2 separate questions, please answer both. 1 and 2 and all it’s parts, these are to be simple answers with APA format references

Create the introduction, something that will grab the audience attention.

COM205: Week 8 Assignment Page 3


Worksheet: Speech Project – Draft (Part II) Assignment Overview

In this assignment, you will do peer review for speech project part I, and then you will write a draft of your persuasive speech using the research you found in Week 6. You will analyze the audience, select the appropriate pattern of organization, and develop an effective speech introduction and conclusion.

Assignment Details:

Perform the following tasks:

· Complete Speech Project Part I peer review by Wednesday (you can view a peer review notification in your Dashboard To Do sidebar).

· Complete the reading assignment and the interactive lesson before attempting this assignment.

· Write a 450 to 500 word draft of a persuasive speech, using the research found in Week 6.













Tuckman’s first stage of team development is called the forming stage. In this stage, team

members introduce themselves and are in the getting-to-know-you stage. Typically – in the

forming stage – minimal if any work is completed. In addition to spending time socializing,

individuals start gathering information as to which role or roles they will play and what will be

expected of them. Team members are concerned with whom will be leading the team and

what the team leader has to offer. This stage is one in which there is significant uncertainty

among the individual team members. If team goals are clearly defined, and trust is built in the


Tell me how you will incorporate this primary research information into your research paper (350 words).

n the progress report, you will add to the preliminary research you have done on your topic.  The format of this report is very basic.

Topic: Paying College Athletes

First, you will need to find at least three additional sources within the Blinn Library databases (100 words per source). You will provide a reference citation and annotate each of these three sources just as you did for the proposal essay.

On a separate, additional page, you will summarize the information received in your survey analysis.  You will want to focus on the results from three to five of your questions.  The best questions to use will be the ones that received the most response information as well as support or prove your argument.  This portion of the report….

Explain in detail about 3 differences (senior white Americans and senior white Indians- This can be taken from books/online with citations) And write about the TOPIC as given in details

 1. Read the instructions clearly and carefully before accepting the assignment(Do not write the topic in general, Consider a real-time person as above and cultivate a story and compare with some real-time cultural differences)

2. APA Style with the word count(300 words per page)

3. Citations throughout the paper along with strict plagiarism check

4. Requirement in pages(3): Draft (800 words minimum length; show your word count)

5. Must explicitly write and Cite some lines from the assigned readings (attached document Quijano)


Distinct behavioral cultural differences between senior American citizens and senior Indian citizens (Elaborate 3 cultural differences) Draft and final paper should talk more about the real-time, A person (me) trying to arrange a class in the university specifically for old white Americans(considering Oklahoma where we have….

 Compose your rough draft of your MLA-Formatted, 2000-word Argumentative Research Paper.  Make sure you attach your works cited page to the end. 

 Compose your rough draft of your MLA-Formatted, 2000-word Argumentative Research Paper.  Make sure you attach your works cited page to the end.

Topic: Teachers vs Parents: Who plays a bigger role in shaping a child?

Work Cited Page

“Role of Parents and Teachers in Career Development of Students.” The Knowledge Review, 4 Dec. 2018,  2020.

“Role of Parents and Teachers in Career Development of Students.” The Knowledge Review, 4 Dec. 2018,

The Gaudium School. “Role of Parents and Teachers in a Child’s Life.” International School In Hyderabad, 19 Aug. 2016,

The New York Times. “Students, Parents and Teachers Tell Their Stories of Remote Learning.” The New York Times – Breaking News, US News, World News and Videos, 14 Oct. 2020,

Oxford Academic. “Parental Genetic Shaping and Parental….

Identify the stronger essay for this assignment, and explain why it stands out to you. Also indicate how you think it could be improved.

Review the E2 assignment sheet. Then read the two sample essays (yes, these were written by real students!). The assignment sheet is in Week 5, and sample essays are both available under Week 6. Each essay has strengths as well as room for improvement.

Read each essay, and determine which is strongest. Then write two paragraphs:

Paragraph 1) Identify the stronger essay for this assignment, and explain why it stands out to you. Also indicate how you think it could be improved. Paragraph 2) What information do you think should be included in your own E2? What info should be included in your thesis?

Write paragraphs which are unified by a main idea.


The grade you receive for the rough draft is a small portion of your overall class grade, and you will not be graded on the quality of your writing. Your grade will be based only on whether you meet the minimum requirements specified on the grading rubric below.

The purpose of the rough draft, then, is to give you a chance to get your thoughts on paper so I can offer comments. One of your classmates will also review your rough draft. Then you will be prepared to revise the draft into your best possible final paper.


Complete the rough draft as a Word document and submit it to Canvas by the due date.

You are required to include 2-4 in-text citations of outside sources. At….